Engineered Labor Standards Development

Flowchart Development

  • Identifying “Preferred Methods”
  • Multi-variable labor standards development using MSD methodology
  • Measuring the work content of every task to develop a “fair day`s work”
  • Machine Studies (Forklifts, Lift Trucks, Pallet Wraps, Pallet Tilt, Slip Machines, etc)
  • PF&D Tolerances/Allowances Analysis & Implementation

Preferred Methods Development

  • Ensure consistency in terms of quality of work and employee safety
  • Achieving goals based on preferred methods and performance habits

WFM-LMS Implementation 

Performance Goals

  • Regular hours, standard- productive/direct hours, non-standard/indirect hours, %performance
  • LMS Performance and Productivity Reporting Features
  • Building a Performance-Based Culture in your Organization

ROI & Economical Benefits of the WFM-LMS Program

  • Attractive ROI (5% – 30%) and cost reduction in terms of $/case or pallet
  • Typical ROIs achieved between 8-18 months
  • Anual audits to the program

Pay-per-Performance Incentive Programs

Benefits of Implementation

  • Up to 5% – 15% additional cost reduction
  • Improved moral for your workforce (people responding to fair and attainable goals)
  • Induces continuous improvement efforts
  • Aligned with performance culture and LEAN initiatives