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Implementation of the Workforce Management Program - LMS

Case study: United States Cold Storage (USCS). Lebanon, IN – USA

United States Cold Storage (USCS) and its several predecessor companies have been providing refrigerated storage services for the food industry since 1889. Today, USCS is a leading outsourcing (3PL) logistics operator in the US public refrigerated storage with 38 distribution centers. (CEDIs) located in 12 states, including California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. The company employs more than 1,600 service professionals.

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Cost efficiency
One of the outcomes of optimize your labor through the implementation of an LMS is Getting more work done in the same amount of time.
Lasting impact
The key to building a sustainable Performance-Based Culture with your LMS is TCG: Constantly Training your associates, Continuous Coaching your associates, Provide effective Guidance to your associates.
Tech-based solution
Based on technological and operational solutions for the optimization of supply chain processes.