We understand that constant motivation, effective communication and feedback are vital to generate a pleasant and proactive work environment; We make this the most important component of our program, since this is a PROGRAM OF PEOPLE.

In this sense, Divergence to offer the competitive advantages that your company needs to extract and subsist in the real market, placing its productive potential at the level of the most developed companies.

Workforce Management

We know that the workforce is one of the most important components in the business budget. For this reason, we invite you to know our successful program to help visualize and optimize your resources, activating your productivity and releasing the hidden costs inherent to your operations. This is achieved through the implementation and awareness of three major components:

Advanced Engineering

Using innovative methods to develop multivariate labor standards of all operations, fairly and accurately.


Our Performance Plus software, calculates all the standard times of your operations, allows you to visualize in real time and exerting control over your performance and productivity.